Loving that sunshine

Solar power was always something I thought was a waste of time, and money.

Sure, it’s free energy, right. So it doesn’t cost like $20k for even the most basic of systems to be installed. And then the panels save you a grand total of 50 bucks a month… but only last for 10 years before they fail…

Surely if it was cost effective, the power companies themselves would be doing it, only on a much larger and even more effective scale?

But not quite so according to BDN NZ solar – things have changed a lot. These systems are not just for rich hippies who want to save the planet anymore. They are for real people too.


The reason being three-fold. Production costs have massively dropped for solar PV systems. But not only that, the technology has got better – so they can last longer and produce more energy from the same area. All of which makes a massive difference, and the figures now start to make sense.

So if you want solar power in Auckland, or Christchurch, then it’s worth taking a much closer look at what’s available now.

You can also sell your extra energy back to the electricity company of course, something which I didn’t even know about. You don’t get the same price that they charge you though, that would be too sweet a deal!