Loving that sunshine

Solar power was always something I thought was a waste of time, and money.

Sure, it’s free energy, right. So it doesn’t cost like $20k for even the most basic of systems to be installed. And then the panels save you a grand total of 50 bucks a month… but only last for 10 years before they fail…

Surely if it was cost effective, the power companies themselves would be doing it, only on a much larger and even more effective scale?

But not quite so according to BDN NZ solar – things have changed a lot. These systems are not just for rich hippies who want to save the planet anymore. They are for real people too.


The reason being three-fold. Production costs have massively dropped for solar PV systems. But not only that, the technology has got better – so they can last longer and produce more energy from the same area. All of which makes a massive difference, and the figures now start to make sense.

So if you want solar power in Auckland, or Christchurch, then it’s worth taking a much closer look at what’s available now.

You can also sell your extra energy back to the electricity company of course, something which I didn’t even know about. You don’t get the same price that they charge you though, that would be too sweet a deal!

Win by a nose

appearanceI know this is a strange topic, but facial appearance is one of those things that perceptively we all just take for granted.

We look at someone and make a frightening amount of subsconcious decisions and opinions of that person within a second. Sure, this assesment is based to an extent on life experience – but at least some of it is based on the way we were brought up and things we may never have questioned.

Your brain decides if you like, feel attracted to, are repulsed by, mistrust a person within moments of seeing them. Crazy huh.

Which is why cosmetic surgery and sites like this exist. Because we are are becoming more aware of how important our appearance is to the way our life progresses – we are becoming more willing to change that appearance to get the results we want from those face to face meetings with people.

Obviously there are cases where plastic surgery is ‘more necessary’, such as through injury, and I had a friend who had rhinoplasty surgery in Auckland very successfully to correct such a problem. And there are of course some safeguards in place such as the NZAPS.

But should we really be going down that route ‘just’ for more general appearance enhancement reasons? Ideally, probably not. But if we are genetically designed to make snap judgements of people, it’s always going to be something that is really hard to resist – particularly if you are on a professional career ladder where meetings and people are your daily currency.

Or if you live in Hollywood where you are (or are trying to be) a big screen star – well, nose jobs are about as common as restaurant staff with superb acting skills.